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Monday, August 02, 2004

Lynn Canyon

Okay, so I've always said that the outdoors were overrated, but I'm man enough to admit when I am wrong. Today I went to Lynn Canyon with the folks (I figure I should get in some wholesome family fun before I leave for Toronto) and I must say that the experience was quite pleasant.

I especially enjoyed walking across the suspension bridge because it reminded me of going across the Capilano Suspension bridge. And because Lynn Canyon has free admission, I felt like I was putting money in my pocket just by walking across the bridge...cha-ching!

Lately, I'm feeling like a tourist in my own hometown. Part of me is anxious to see as much of Vancouver as possible before I leave, and I'm finding all sorts of things that I never really appreciated before. I seem to have an uncanny ability to discover great things right before they becomes obsolete or no longer useful. When I bought my 5gig 1st generation iPod after waiting for 2 years, Apple came out with a cheaper, better iPod less than 2 months later. I'll probably find out five years from now that I'm actually a stockmarket guru, capable of making crazy cash on Bay Street 2 weeks before I come back from grad school in Toronto. Note to self: find out if I am a dormant stockmarket guru when I arrive in Toronto this summer.

Oh, here's a cool picture of a scene at Lynn Canyon Park. The lighting makes it challenging to see the striking dissimilarity between white people and us Asians, but if you squint you can see that all the white folk are half naked and having a blast in the water, while all of our aZn brothas are on the shore and under the shade. I think this is why Columbus, a whiteman, discovered the Americas and not Ching Chang Ling, a farmer in Anhui who was too busy trying to figure out how to stay cool under the sun.

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