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Friday, July 30, 2004

Last day at UBiC

Today was officially my last day at UBiC. I did my final performance review today and handed in my Palm m505. Two weeks from now, I'll also have to return my IBM P260 21" CRT monitor. If I was in marketing, I would call this the "Winter Monitor" and sell it to unheated homes in Winnepeg or Whitehorse. I haven't done any quantitative measurements, but anecdotally I can say that this thing gives off more warmth than most industrial strength space heaters. While this is a terrific quality during winter, typing in front of this mini oven in July is a bit of a chore. So in that sense, I'm happy that I am giving it back. Okay, enough sour grapes; On with with the rest of the post.

Most of the lab went to New India Buffet on Broadway for lunch. The food there was very good for what we paid ($8.70 per person) and there was a strange mixture of Indian curries and Chinese/American food, like chowmein and spring rolls. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and since my supervisor was kind enough to pay for it (thank you Sohrab, you have been a great boss), the food was especially tasty.

I spent a part of the afternoon packing up my stuff. I was a bit sad when I saw that I could pack up more than two years worth of work and memories into one small Roots backpack. But I attribute this to the ingenius design of the backpack, rather than my lack of accomplishments at work.

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