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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Downtown, let's go downtown

I feel like I'm a 60 year-old trapped inside a 22 year-old's body. I loathe downtown: I loathe driving downtown, I loathe parking downtown and I loathe the crowds downtown. I know this sounds evil (and frankly, it is) but I love urban sprawl and I love ample parking spaces in flat featureless suburbia. Me thinks, I need to get me a Buick and move to a cozy 3500 square footer in PoCo.
The only one redeeming thing about driving along Robson while looking for a spot to park is being able to gawk at Japanese tourists who are busy gawking at German tourists who are busy gawking at me in my car, wondering why they have seen more Chinese people in this city than white people. Tourists love this city--"oh, such beautiful green trees and perfect lovely". Yes how lovely indeed, G√ľnter; But where were you during the Rain Fest from September to May? Where were you when I saw the sun twice during the entire month of November?
Okay, now that I got that out of my system: I think tourists are vital to the economy of our fine city. I for one, welcome our new tourist overlords.
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