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Friday, July 16, 2004

Thanks Martha

I've always been neutral towards Martha Stewart. I don't hate her for being perfect and squeaky clean, but I don't love her for it either. Until recently I didn't care if she would get jail time for insider trading, but after tonight I have decided to take a stand.
For tomorrow's dessert night, I decided to bake a cake and when I wondered where I would go to look for a recipe, Martha Stewart's name came up out of the deep recesses of my mind and I quickly typed into my browser. After some searching with the keyword 'easy', I found this recipe for Easy Chocolate Cake. I'll post some pictures of the whole baking process tomorrow, but for now let's just say the cake turned out wonderfully and I am very pleased with Martha's clear directions.
Martha, insider trading isn't right; But your recipes are very fine, so here's to lenient sentencing and minimal jail time when you get your sentence tomorrow. Leniency, it's a good thing™
Your Favorite Jerk
* Update: Martha Stewart got 5 months and a $30,000 fine, but the whole thing's pending appeal, so the waiting game continues.


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