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Thursday, August 19, 2004

I'm Leaving on a Westjet Plane

I arrived in Toronto safely about three hours ago. The flight on Westjet was quite uneventful, but I'll post a more thorough review some other time =) The temperature here is not much different than Vancouver and being in Scarborough right now reminds a lot of being in Richmond, so no homesickness so far.

I got up pretty early this morning to pack up the laptop and left at 9:00AM to head to the airport. I managed to sneak in one more peak at the place where I've lived for the last ten years. In the summer of '94, we moved into that place and I can still remember how excited I was when we first moved in. At the time, the newly planted trees in front of the main entrance were still tiny saplings, struggling to survive but when I saw them today they looked like they were well-established and on their way to becoming majestic neighbourhood fixtures.

The plane took off under a clear sky today, so I was able to get a clear view of UBC, Stanley Park, and downtown Vancouver on the way out. Vancouver really is a beautiful city, and seeing the skyline of Toronto on the way down made me realize how good Vancouver really is. Anyways, more on the flight when I have some more time. I'm gonna go get some rest now.

Your Favorite Jerk (in Toronto)


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