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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Breakfast at Bons and then off to the Quay

Today was my "say goodbye to friends" day. It started off with a greasy breakfast at Bon's with the guys from U-Hill. For $2.95 (including tax!!!!) I got two eggs, ham, toast and pan fried I have a sneaky suspicion that something isn't legit about this place, but it's been around for a while and the food makes me only mildly ill, so I go there whenever I can.

After breakfast, it was time for the requisite group photo, but do you know how hard it is to find an honest-looking, law-abiding citizen outside a 24hour breakfast place who is willing to take a picture for you without running off with your camera? My strategy for picking amateur photographers from the street is this: find someone wearing expensive clothes or jewelary because they probably have enough cash and do not find stealing attractive. In this case, since Bon's was a hangout for backpackers and other grungy folk, finding someone with anything expensive was difficult. Finally, I saw a guy with about $2000 worth of tatoos on his arms and back, and I decided he was probably the richest (and, therefore, safest) guy in the neighbourhood. Happily, my strategy worked and I got back my camera avec la photo a minute later.

Having stuffed myself with grease, I took the afternoon off to pack some more and then took a brief nap before heading out downtown to go visit Lonsdale Quay with some friends. It's been almost ten years since I took the SeaBus and I don't think they did anything to these vessels except giving them a new coat of paint. Nevertheless, the ride was quite comfortable and I enjoyed the view of the North Shore mountains.

I've always liked the Lonsdale Quay. It's really no different from the public markets on Granville Island or Richmond, but taking the Seabus there and everything makes me feel like I've travelled somewhere. Friends and I decided to split two orders of "beaver tails" aka elephant ears aka deep-fried dough coated in sugar. Nothing to complain about can't go wrong when deep-frying.

I decided to sit near the front on the way back for a better view, but this plan was foiled by a teenager wearing low cut jeans and inner-clothing of less than stellar coverage. Not wanting to stare directly at a full moon for the whole trip, I had to restrict my line of sight to my left, thereby cheating me out of a potentially gorgeous views of the Vancouver skyline.

The evening ended with dinner at Steamworks, where beer is great (or so I hear) and the service is slow. Nothing much to complain about here, but the greasy feast from the morning prevented any real enjoyment of the food. I'm sure it would have tasted great if I was nauseaus from the 4000 calories I took in this morning.

I must admit that even though I can seem to be rather unemotional at times, saying goodbye to friends tonight was very hard. The next blog I'll post will likely be from the other side of this country. I hope you stay tuned.

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