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Monday, August 09, 2004


I forgot to set my alarm this morning so I woke up at 10:30AM and my room was already a furnace from that cursed globe of helium, that some people call the sun. This is the first day since I've stopped going to work that the weather has been hot. It feels stuffy and because I'm not a heat person, I feel generally uncomfortable. When it's cold outside, I can turn on the heat and read a good book while sipping hot coco. But when it's hot, I can't really do anything except sweat and get annoyed at the heat. Which is precisely what I'm doing now.

To add insult to injury, someone has a hired a carpet cleaning company to freshen up their carpets today. I like a clean carpet as much as the next guy, but industrial carpet cleaners are loud and right now it sounds like an Air Mexicana jet is trying to take off outside of my bedroom window.

This morning, I have been going through my old 8mm camcorder tapes to archive them to VHS tapes (and eventually to DVD). I never really liked using my old Sony camcorder because it's heavy and I feel I become its slave when I travel with it. Thanfully, I've replaced this with a newer Canon miniDV camcorder a couple years back, but I still have a stack of old 8mm camcorder tapes collecting dust on my bookshelf. So today, I figured I may as well go through them to archive and back them up before the tapes degrade and become unwatchable, rendering hours of amateur filmaking a complete and total waste.

So far, I've gone through a trip to Las Vegas and a trip to Disneyland. I don't think the Vegas tapes made me want to go back, but the Disneyland tapes made me giddy. There's something very catchy about the "It's a Small World Afterall" ride's theme's almost viral how it gets in your head and repeats itself again and again and again...until you feel nauseaus and want to drink Drano to make it stop.

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