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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Bourne Supremacy Rocks

I'm a sucker for spy-movies (and romantic comedies...but if you tell anyone, I'll crush you), so it was natural for me to go see Bourne Supremacy today. For those who saw the first one, you'll love the sequel. Shakey camera movements aside, the action sequences were fast-paced and very engaging. In today's world of orange alerts, where terrorists/evildoers lurk at every corner, it's comforting to watch a movie about well-tailored spys tracking each other down in familiar and easily-pronounceable cities like Naples, Berlin and Moscow.

I had a lot of time to kill today because I'm no longer shackled to the chains of the capitalist machine that oppresses me with work. I despise capitalism! So, anyways I had time to kill and I went to the mall before going to Silvercity. The problem with Metrotown is that it's full of teeny-bopper types who have no other means of transportation other than the Skytrain. For the most part, these creatures are harmless but their brashness rubs me the wrong way sometimes, so it's always fun to watch them do something ridiculously embarassing. While waiting for my friend to pay for her purchases at Fruits and Passions, two teeny-bopper girls walk up to the counter in low-slung jeans and short t-shirts and decide to start sampling what they thought was a perfume by spraying the stuff all over their faces. I didn't even notice this was a potentially embarassing situation until the ever-so-polite cashier said to them, "oh, these are not for your face...they are for the kitchen...they're air freshners...for the kitchen". I had to use every ounce of my strength to restrain myself from dropping to the floor and rolling around in laughter. Sometimes I think I'm just evil.

In other news, it doesn't look like I'll be able to go down to Washington this summer. I was hoping my friend, who works at Microsoft, would be able to take a day off in the coming weeks so I could go hang out with him, but with Windows XP SP2 coming out, he's been very busy trying to ensure that the safety of the world's computers are in good hands. I was informed that MS held a launch party for SP2 today, but my friend seems disappointed that the party was rather dull. What did you expect man? It's a party for the launch of a SERVICE PACK for a faulty operating system? Would GM throw a lavish party to launch a mass-recall of a broken cam-shaft in their line of Jimmy SUV's? Didn't think so.

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