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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Rapid post

The thing about procrastinating is that sooner or later the things you avoid doing will catch up to you. Here's a case in point: a lot has happened in the two weeks since I last blogged, but I haven't bothered to blog about them until now. The result is this highly abridged post that will attempt to summarize what has happened in the last two weeks in a single sentence. Mr. Olsen, my highschool English teacher would have had an embolism if he read this.

My mom came to visit for two weeks, during which time she saw my newly adopted home and met almost everyone at Delta and had lunch and dinner with Tiffy, for whom I had to find a birthday present, the centrepiece of which was the bunny mug from korean BBQ; and with whom I had dinner tonight, along with her mom, dad, and brother to celebrate her birthday. This post really doesn't do much justice to the goings on of the past couple of weeks but I'm too afflicted with writer's block to write any more. But it was the nicest couple of weeks in a long time :)

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