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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Shameless indulgence

Tonight I gave in to the pleasures of gluttony, a capitulation that was, in hindsight, quite inevitable. After weeks of turning down dessert and limiting myself to only one serving of meat per meal, I finally could not resist my cravings for deliciously unwholesome foods any longer. My meal tonight had the following cast of insalubrious edibles: steak, curly fries, soup, and pizza with an extra helping of ranch dressing for added fat content. I must admit the whole experience felt decadently fulfiling at the time, but its aftermath has been more than regrettable. Sadly, such is the result of mindless surrender to the temptation of life's many pleasures. The trick is to find a happy middle ground between the stark but honorable life of asceticism that leads to inevitable surrender in the face of temptation, and the pleasurable but destructive life of shameless indulgence that leads to regret and sorrow. I pray that I will find that place.



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