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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Take me out to the ball game

You can tell the local baseball team is not performing when you can get 3 pairs of tickets for free, just by signing up for their fanclub newsletter. Jonny and I managed to snag tickets for last Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and this post will describe what I saw at the SkyDome last week.

I must confess that I am not a baseball fan. In fact, I have never actually watched a baseball game from start to finish before last Thursday. I didn't walk twenty minutes from my place to the SkyDome to see Carlos Delgado or the O Dog -- players whose names I haven't heard of before -- I went to see the SkyDome itself and experience the joys of America's favorite passtime. Here's a brief summary of my thoughts: SkyDome was definitely worth seeing; The joy of America's favorite passtime...not so much.

The view of the CN Tower through the open roof of the SkyDome on a late summer evening is difficult to put into words for even the best writers, so what can I possibly say to convey its beauty? As for the game itself, I really didn't pay much attention after the third inning when the Jays went down 7 to 1. Thankfully, Jonny was there to explain the meaning of baseball stats acronyms like AB, BB, TB, RBI, OBP...OPP, CBC, KFC...whatever. The only stats I cared about were the number of runs "we" were down by and when I found out that 6 was an almost insurmountable number I quickly lost interest.

On Saturday, we went again but because this was an afternoon game the unforgiving sun gave us the roasting of the summer. I think I'm on to this "free ticket" scam. The ticket is "free", but they open the roof to maximum aperture and let the sun slowly dry the mouths of your "fans" until they have no choice but to drink 7 dollar beer. And because alcohol dehydrates you even more, you're forced to buy another 7 dollar beer, and another, and another...and soon the Blue Jays management has made back the lost profits of a "free ticket" and then some. Of course, this scam fails on us Asians who are genetically predisposed to refusing 7 dollar beer. I bought a 4 dollar iced tea and downed the whole thing in less then a minute. Sweet victory...take me out to the ball game, indeed.

Your Favorite Jerk


At Wednesday, September 22, 2004 1:34:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

$4 on iced tea?! so not in true asian fashion, you would have been ready with visor on head, with your 3 bottles of smuggled-in water in hand. or rather, in bag.


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