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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I am sapped of strength and motivation tonight. Perhaps a change of scenary in a couple of weeks will be the panacea I'm looking for. Though, in my current state of mind, I find that unlikely--altitude sickness and sub-zero temperatures will do little to cheer me up.

What I really need is a baseball bat and a room full of pinatas. I don't really care for the candy, but I could sure use a good swing at an easily destructible inanimate object right now. I am probably reverse projecting (if there is even such a thing). Lately I often feel like I'm an inanimate object, subject to the whims of a bat-wielding child who intersperses innocent laughter with wild swings of the bat, oblivious of my obvious fragility. On the bright side, when I'm destroyed I spill forth sweet candy.

Your Favorite Jerk


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