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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The rewrite process

There is nothing more agonizing than sitting through a group rewrite of your own work. While the end result is undoubtedly better than the original, the process itself is both painful and heart wrenching. The key to surviving such a traumatizing experience is to check your ego at the door. Realize that while it can be devasting to see a paragraph that you tweaked and molded for hours disappear into the ether with the swift press of a button, it is necessary for the cohesion of the work. If nothing else, you must understand that verbosity is a hindrance rather than an expedient to good writing.

Now replace every instance of 'you' and 'your' with 'I' and 'my', and you'll have an idea of what I did from 6pm to 1:30am on Monday night. The paper is looking really good though. So it looks like I can go to Montreal with little academic baggage :)

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