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Thursday, July 27, 2006

PVR: changing the way I watch TV

When I moved in two months ago, I hadn't planned on getting cable installed at all. But alas, after reading about the opportunity to get a free PVR for two years, I succombed and now I am back in the grasp of cable television. How I managed to get a free PVR from Ted Rogers is a long and convuluted story, whose details are too boring and insignificant for us to dwell on. Suffice it to say, I had to do some smooth talking...and purchase a used satelite receiver from two very friendly gentlemen on Craigslist--like I said, very boring stuff.

Anyways, this new PVR has changed the way I watch television. Instead of aimlessly channel surfing for something tolerable to entertain me, I now select the shows I want to watch in advance and the machine automatically stores in on its harddrive. Since getting this machine, I haven't watched a single commercial; I just press fast-forward three times and I've banked two and a half minutes--time I can use doing something more useful, like reading papers...or not reading papers.

Yesterday, I came home to three hours of pre-recorded Frasier, a show I used to watch with some frequency. But rather than being entertained, I was saddened to find the reruns uninteresting, a rehash of old jokes and misadventures. It is perhaps an interesting reflection of my current mood: bored and unhappy about an uninteresting rehash of problems I thought had been solved and complaints I thought had been addressed. Too bad life doesn't have a fast-forward button.

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