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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I bought my tickets to Vancouver yesterday Image hosted by I come back on the 18th of August and return "home" to Toronto right after Labour Day.

To be honest, I was starting to get a little worried because the airfares I've looked at recently have all been pretty steep. With the demise of Jetsgo, Air Canada and Westjet have no real incentive to slash prices anymore, and Harmony Airways just seemed too sketchy for me to fly--any airline that gives Jackie Chan a pilot's uniform just can't be above-board with the FAA. But thankfully, my grad student status qualifies me for Air Canada's discounted student fares through Travelcuts, which means that I could get a rount-trip ticket for $506 with tax and fees--a great deal for that time of year.

I quite like the Travelcuts on College St. There's something very quaint...very "Lonely Planet" about the place. I mean really, who uses dot-matrix printers anymore? And we're not even talking about 24-pin dot-matrix printers from the early 90s; these are 9-pin units from the 80s. But antiquated computer hardware aside, I have always found that there is an undeniable excitement at the Travelcuts that can't be found at the Flight Centre or Carlson Wagonlit. Maybe it's the large, wall-sized map of the world behind the counter. Or maybe it's listening to the travel agent in the next counter explaining the impressively long Cathay Pacific Asiapass itinerary to a bewildered-looking girl who's thinking she may be in way over her head. In any case, I like the Travelcuts, and it likes me. Isn't that what really matters?

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