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Friday, June 10, 2005

Back from the abyss

I have returned from the abyss. The past two weeks have been very hectic for me and I have not worked this hard since I graduated from UBC. Thankfully, the meeting went very well, and for the next couple of weeks I am free to relax Image hosted by

In my flusttered state last week, I barely even noticed how bad the weather has gotten here. Lately, it seems the sun and the smog have formed an unholy alliance to deliver a two-pronged attack on the inhabitants of Toronto. Step outside today and you can almost feel the particulates in the air cling to your skin and coat the inside of your lungs. If this smog advisery doesn't lift soon, I may have to take up smoking just so I can breath some cleaner air. I have never wished for rain when I was in Vancouver--I suppose this is because there was plenty of supply there to satisfy my demand--but right now I really wish a long, cleansing shower can come down to clear the air a bit here.

Could the native Torontonians who read this blog please tell me if I can expect the whole summer to be like this? I am not a heat + high humidity person. While I enjoy eating mushrooms of all sorts, I don't appreciate it when the walls in my room get so moist from warm humidity that an entire 'shroom farm sprouts from them. My decade old air-conditioner is doing a valiant job pumping artificially cold air into my room to sustain the 22ºC bubble I take refuge in, but I fear I am overtaxing the fragile mechinary in the unit because the thing sounds a lot louder than it used to. When it breaks, I may are all hereby forewarned.

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At Friday, June 10, 2005 3:24:00 PM, Blogger Ames said...

Be thankful you have airconditioninig! GRRR! I have forced myself to leave the house this week in order to find temporary relief in an airconditioned mall or some other public airconditioned place :S Yeah, it'll be humid most of the summer. Enjoy! ;)

At Saturday, June 11, 2005 2:02:00 AM, Anonymous j6hui said...

yo... how come we don't have a/c in the house????

that is crazzzyyy!
now that is more of incentive for me not to go home....

Thank goodness i got some nice refreshing cool A/C here at MKV.

tell mommy and diddy to go fix the A/C if they wanna see me home!!!



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