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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Good Morning, Bangalore

My Toshiba M30 is broken. Yep, busted, b0rked, toast. It still boots up and appears to be running, but I don't see anything on the screen. Last night, I called Toshiba Canada to see what can be done about it since the machine is still under warranty.

I was wondering how they could afford to have 24/7 tech support, and it totally didn't occur to me that the call centre was overseas. Well, it didn't occur to me until the guy at the other end picked up and it was pretty clear he wasn't based in Texas. For the most part, the conversation was cordial, although there were more than a few occasions when he got ticked that I couldn't make out what he was saying. In order to avoid sounding culturally insensitive, I'll just give you some bits of the conversation as close to verbatim as I can.

Me: My address...89 Chestnut...
Tech: Hold on...this is a city?
*thinking: ummm...yes. I live in a city called Chestnut where there are only 90 houses and I just happen to live in house number 89*
Me: No, it's a street. The name of the city is Toronto
Tech: is in a "province" called...On-Tar-Eee-Oh?
Me: Yes

skip forward through some more techie drivel

Tech: Ok sir, please to hold power button until I say stop
Me: Ok
*holds power button for one minute*
Tech: Ok, now you can stop.
Me: Ok
Tech: Now press power again
Me: Done
Tech: What do you see, sir?
Me: Nothing
Tech: *shocked* Really?
Me: Yes
Tech: Really?
Me: Yes
Tech: Are you sure?
Me: Yes
Tech: What colour is your screen?
Me: Black
Tech: How black?
Me: Pitch black!
Tech: Sounds like a hardware problem.
Me: Yes...that's why I called

I had a good time. Now if only they'll call back so I can send this puppy in for repairs.

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