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Monday, May 24, 2004

The two-dollar 100-yen store

Daiso (n): A store for gullible Chinese people to purchase useless Japanese products that were made by Chinese people.

I must say the new Aberdeen Centre looks pretty nice, but its centrepiece -- the Daiso Japanese Twoonie Store -- is a big disappointment. Why anyone would fight with huge crowds of people for a chance to purchase a pair of chopsticks for $2 is beyond me. Besides, isn't Daiso the world-renowned 100 Yen store in Japan? Last time I checked $2 CDN equals rougly 160 Yen. Man, do these Japanese people think we're idiots on this side of the Pacific? That's a 60% markup we're being subjected to!

Now for a completely different subject. A couple of days ago, I got to use my mom's meat cleavers! I won't go into too much reason for why I had to use it but man was it ever fun! I think I've finally figured out why Chinese people always prefer to make ground beef at home. Man, when you've got two meat cleavers in your hands and you're whacking away at a hunk of meat, everything that was bothering you five minutes before just disappears. Maybe I can start some sort of butchershop therapy thing. This is patent pending stuff, so don't you dare spread the word around Dear Readers.

That just about does it for this episode, tune it next time for more pointless drivel.

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