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Friday, May 21, 2004

It's finally hit the fan

The Jerk is not lazy, but he does try to avoid unpleasant work whenever possible. Problem, of course, is that being a fulltime employee of a research lab, he is paid to work whether or not he finds it pleasant. Recently, the Jerk has been dodging a particularly monotonous and wretched project. This avoidance was made possible in large part by a server outage problem that gave the Jerk a legitimate reason to work on something else. However, Your Favorite Jerk was informed yesterday that the diligent IT people in charge of that particular server have managed to bring it back online again. After a brief moment of muttering (the contents of which the Jerk will not disclose for fear of soiling the unspoiled ears of his Gentle Readers), the Jerk was forced to face the dreaded project. This morning the Jerk's superior requested a progress report. Two minutes ago, the Jerk was frantically trying to get something done to impress said superior. One minute ago, the Jerk decided to blog. In another minute he will return to work. Thus ends today's story from the Jerk.

Your Favorite Reformed Jerk


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