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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Waning (gadget) lust

While chatting with Ivan over MSN today about the latest developments in computer hardware, I became aware that lately my gadget lust has been waning. This is a rather remarkable realization because ever since I got my first computer (a 486 DX with a blazing fast 33MHz processor, an unheard of 8Mb of RAM, and a whopping 128Mb harddrive) at the age of 10, I've been wanting something bigger and better every couple of years. But I've had my current computer for over three years now, and I have very little motivation to go look for something faster or more powerful. In fact, over the holidays I went to NCIX in Vancouver to get something for my dad and found the showcase display computer almost repulsive. A few years ago, the sight of a machine with the latest NVidia graphics card, dual CPUs and a terabyte of space might have moved me to save up for an upgrade. But as I stood there staring at that mostrosity of a machine, decked out with transparent panels and neon lights (wth?!?!?), all I could think of was how loud the CPU fan, graphics fan, PSU fan, and two case fans would be in my room. Have I prematurely aged or something? At the age of 23, I really shouldn't be worried about noise. The very thought of my rapidly turning into an impotent old man who complains constantly about noise and technology is enough to keep me up at night. Thankfully, I have been ogling the newest iPod nano, so maybe there is still some virility left in me yet.

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