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Friday, May 28, 2004

Vietnamese samurai

There is no substitute for Fridays. The feeling that comes with knowing the battle is nearing its end is indescribable. There is something primal and very cavemanesque about throwing down your flint knife and going home for some well-deserved rest at the end of a long battle with a wooly-mamoth. Although in my case, you'll have to replace 'throwing down flint knife' with typing 'shutdown -h now' at the command prompt; and there is no wooly-mamoth, only lines and lines of computer code in my daily battles. But still, Friday brings out Primal Dave and Primal Dave likes to eat primal meals.

Where can you get a meal more primal than at the Samurai Sushi House on Cambie St? No one (except maybe the Japanese) can make sushi like the Vietnamese. Forget the culinary art of balancing texture and taste through delicate food preparation. These guys just make sushi really BIG. I respect the Japanese culinary arts as much as the next guy, but when I'm forknig over $6.90 for a Friday lunch, I want QUANTITY and these chatty sushi gurus give me just that. We're talking Alaska rolls the size of your fist. So big, you'll have to take the things apart with your disposable chopsticks before they'll fit in your mouth. Primal Dave like this and this is why Primal Dave goes to visit the Vietnamese Samurai every Friday.

Next time I'll snap some pics. But to truly appreciate the size of the sushi I may have to place the Alaska roll pieces next to a '89 Pontiac Grand Am to convey their sheer magnitude.

Your Favorite Jerk


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