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Monday, August 08, 2005

Taste of the Danforth

It's funny how what one culture considers mundane, another reveres as an annual festival. In China, when you have a street full of hawkers selling food on the sidewalk, it's called...well, it's just called a street. In Toronto, this is called Taste of the Danforth, and they actually close off several city blocks for this event.

I ate so much on the Danforth yesterday that I can't possibly remember everything I tried. But I do remember this exchange I had with a little kid while waiting in line for oysters, and it went something like this:

Kid's dad: You kids want to try some of that calamari? (Points to the calamari I'm holding)
Kid: They look like worms
Me: They taste better than worms
Kid: How would you know? Have you tried worms before?
Me: Actually, yes. (This is a lie. Honest.)
Kid: EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW (continues looking at me with absolute disgust for about 2 minutes)

At this point I wanted to say, "I think I'll go get some dog after this", but I thought better of it for the sake of my race.

Your Favorite Jerk


At Monday, August 08, 2005 11:27:00 PM, Blogger tiffany said...

no, you didn't say it right then, but you still said "let's go get some dog" like a minute afterwards!

heh. if only we had your camera though - the look on that kid's face was absolutely priceless.

At Tuesday, August 09, 2005 7:07:00 AM, Blogger Jon said...

Man, you have made me proud if you had said the dog comment to the kid. I would have been beaming with joy if you added the adjective "raw" in front of "dog." Oh well.

At Tuesday, August 09, 2005 2:04:00 PM, Blogger Reformed Jerk said...

It wasn't so much the look on his face, but the length of time he managed to sustain that look. Sheer, unadulterated disgust--a Kodak moment without a doubt.


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